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Call 1-877-TRAINING(872-4646) CBT Campus' Referenceware® Collections, Powered by Books24x7, include the full contents of premium reference books online, as well as reports, vendor documents, white papers and expert summaries from industry publishers. New titles of these reference books online are added every week by Books24x7, ensuring the largest and most current content of reference books online.

Professionals across all job functions rely on these collections of books online to support them in their everyday activities by increasing their productivity and developing their knowledge. CBT Campus' Books24x7 collections are available on an annual subscription basis and you can choose one or more books online for unlimited, anytime access.


  • Every page, word, graphic, figure, schematic, formula and table in the original books online is available for searching, browsing and reading online. Even the companion CD contents for many of the books are accessible.
  • Well-known industry publishers contribute their latest and best selling titles, as well as their classics - content users respect and trust.
  • New books are added almost every day, ensuring currency and comprehensive subject coverage.
  • All of the books online in a collection are accessible, including the newly added books online.
  • Innovative technology searches every word of every page to deliver highly relevant results.
  • Results include most relevant titles with direct links to most pertinent sections so users quickly get to the exact information they need.
  • Only results relevant to the search are delivered, eliminating the need to wade through thousands of false hits.

CBT Campus offers the following Referenceware Collections, Powered by Books24x7:

CBT Campus' ITPro™ Referenceware Library
CBT Campus' ITPro, Powered by Books24x7, is the ultimate productivity, learning and reference solution for IT professionals. This comprehensive resource spans the spectrum of technology education topics covering over 100 different subjects. ITPro delivers the full contents of thousands of books, reports, documents and more in a fully searchable, Web-based environment for the best technology education resource.

CBT Campus' BusinessPro™ Referenceware Library
CBT Campus' BusinessPro, Powered by Books24x7, covers all aspects of corporate performance support, professional development and key business topics with content from the industry's leading business publishers. Professionals rely on BusinessPro for all business needs, including recruiting, hiring, training, for insight on strategic development, return on investment and more.

CBT Campus' OfficeEssentials™ Referenceware Library
CBT Campus' OfficeEssentials, Powered by Books24x7, covers Microsoft's Office applications from 1997 to 2003, Adobe's Photoshop, and PC basics such as using browsers, settings, and printers. Consisting of practical, “how-to” content in easy-to-understand language without the technical jargon, OfficeEssentials is the first line of support for everyday questions and problems that interrupt daily workflow.

CBT Campus' EngineeringPro™ Referenceware Library
CBT Campus' EngineeringPro, Powered by Books24x7, delivers the full contents of hundreds of the best and latest engineering books. These books online are packed with reference material covering a wide range of engineering disciplines, plus general reference topics important to all engineering professionals.

CBT Campus' ExecBlueprints™ Referenceware Library
CBT Campus' ExecBlueprints, Powered by Books24x7, provides concise, easy to absorb, practical information to help organizations address pressing strategic issues. ExecBlueprints provides unique industry perspectives from a diverse author base that includes executives from Fortune 1000 companies and high growth companies, expert consultants, lawyers and senior leaders from top global companies.

CBT Campus' FinancePro™ Referenceware Library
CBT Campus' FinancePro, Powered by Books24x7, offers financial professionals instant access to relevant, reliable information on a variety of financial and accounting topics. FinancePro’s comprehensive library, quickly locates the answers professionals need to make better-informed business decisions and deliver projects on time.

CBT Campus' Well-BeingEssentials™ Referenceware Library
CBT Campus' Well-BeingEssentials, Powered by Books24x7, arms the enterprise — at all levels — with the tools it needs to foster a more productive employee base. Well-BeingEssentials books online cover issues pertaining to daily living, family & care giving, health & wellness and working smarter.

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