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ExecBlueprints™ from Books24x7®: Providing Insight and Guidance on
Pressing Strategic Issues

Call 1-877-TRAINING(872-4646) CBT Campus' ExecBlueprints, a Referenceware® collection from Books24x7®, provides concise, easy to absorb, practical information to help organizations address pressing strategic issues. Authored by leading industry executives who have practical expertise and who are regarded as demonstrated leaders in their fields, these best practices provide nuts and bolts information to help formulate planning and action. Three to five top executives coauthor these reports to ensure coverage from diverse viewpoints. Ideal for senior executives, emerging leaders, high-potential employees and professionals supporting top-level initiatives, ExecBlueprints convey key issues, metrics, lessons learned, milestones, timelines and action plans required for successful execution. ExecBlueprints are produced in partnership with Aspatore Books, the largest and most exclusive publisher of C-level executives from the world’s most respected companies and law firms.

ExecBlueprints provides unique industry perspectives from a diverse author base that includes executives from Fortune 1000 companies and high growth companies, expert consultants, lawyers and senior leaders from top global companies. ExecBlueprints’ five practice areas — Management Strategies, Human Capital Management Strategies, Marketing & Sales Strategies, Technology Strategies and Finance & Legal Strategies — target the needs of CEOs, CMOs, CFOs, CIOs and other executives and senior managers, and can have a direct financial impact on the reader's business objectives.

Using the ExecBlueprints™ collection from Books24x7, you'll find Quick and Accurate Answers to All Your Strategic Questions!

Sample titles include:

  • Approaching Business Problems Like an Entrepreneur
  • Benchmarking Your Sarbanes-Oxley Preparedness
  • CEO Best Practices: 10 Technologies Every Executive Should Know
  • Effective Cost Control During Rapid Growth
  • Evaluating Business Intelligence Software Solutions
  • How to Evaluate Risk Management and Security for Your Enterprise
  • Legal Issues for Managers: Capitalizing on Your IP Portfolio

For a list of titles click here.

Need-to-read best practices providing insight and guidance on pressing strategic issues.

With ExecBlueprints, companies can be ready to:

  • Reduce corporate spending
  • Outsource document management
  • Invest in CRM
  • Create a global brand
  • And much more!

Thousands of titles are included in CBT Campus' ExecBlueprints from Books24x7 - and these titles are added to on a monthly basis! Plus, the new book alert feature included in ExecBlueprints ensures that you know when new information has been added. This allows us to consistently provide content that is timely, comprehensive, up-to-date and informative.

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